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Picture going out for a bike ride but no matter which way you turn you have a tailwind and even the steepest of hills are all but ironed flat. Arriving at your destination as if you’ve just had a gentle stroll and not cycled for miles on a bike. If this sounds like your kind of cycling, then maybe an E-bike is for you?

There’s a choice of assistance levels that you can change whilst on the move, so you get to choose just how much effort you put in. With a range of around 40 to 100 miles on a single charge, you can ride for hours without fear of being left stranded. For many more people, E-bikes now provide a realistic alternative to using the car for so many journeys, especially around and about town, and, of course there’s no worry with congestion or parking.

Minster Cycles provide a wide selection of modern E-bikes with both chain drives and internal gear hubs

E mtb

Here at Minster Cycles we carry a range of hybrid style E-bikes and Mountain E-bikes from Specialized and German E-bike specialists, Bergamont. Our cycle technicians are trained in Bosch, Shimano and Brose drive systems so you can be confident your E-bike is in good hands when it comes to servicing and keeping it running sweetly for years to come.

If you think your life could be enhanced with an E-bike, why not arrange a test ride with us? We have a number of demonstrator bikes available for you to try. From a ride up and down the road to a whole day out, you can even borrow two at once if you’d like to cycle with a friend. Simply pop in or give us a call and we’ll arrange everything for you. We can even suggest some pleasant routes for you to enjoy.