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If you are in full time employment, you may be able to save between 32 & 42% on your next bike by purchasing it, tax free, through your employer via the government’s Cycle To Work Scheme – designed to encourage healthier journeys to work and to reduce environmental pollution.


Step 1

Check which Cycle To Work Scheme your employer is providing for you. If they don’t currently offer Cycle To Work, they can sign up very quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

At Minster Cycles we offer many of the available schemes – check our list above for yours.

Step 2

Come and visit us and we’ll help you choose the bike and equipment that’s right for you to make your commute as comfortable and safe as possible. We will provide you with a written quote detailing the bike and equipment you would like.

Step 3

You then enter your details and the quote on-line to apply for a voucher.

Step 4

When you receive your voucher (usually within a couple of weeks) give us a call and we’ll arrange a day and time with you for you to come and collect your new bike!

Example Bike and Equipment Package

  • Bike (Specialized Sirrus Disc) - £500
  • Helmet (Specialized Align) - £30
  • Lights (Cateye front & rear lights) - £30
  • Lock (Abus D-Lock) - £40

Total RRP: £600

Above example package costing £600 at RRP bought through the Cycle to Work Scheme would end up costing £408.53 (at a Net salary sacrifice of £34.04 over a 12 month hire period) giving an overall saving of 31.9%. Full details can be found on the Cycle to Work Scheme website.

By purchasing through the scheme, you'll be able to get the bike of your choice, completely tax free

E mountain bike

By purchasing through the scheme, you'll be able to get the bike of your choice, completely tax free, and pay back the cost of your bike to your employer in monthly payments. At the end of an initial 'rental' period, you then buy your bike from your employer, for a tiny fraction (between 3-7%) of the initial purchase price.

There are numerous different schemes available from multiple different providers, and at Minster Cycles, we're signed up to all the major ones. It's quick, simple and tax efficient for employers to set up as well, so if your current place of work doesn't have a scheme in place, get in touch with the HR department and ask them to set it up.

To purchase from Minster Cycles through the Cycle to Work scheme, simply contact your employer and find out which scheme they are registered with – then come and see us in the shop, and we'll find the perfect bike for you.

For further information on purchasing a bike through the Cycle to Work Scheme, get in touch with a member of our team today on 01482 867950, or email.